Sometimes you need a do-over

So what I really wanted to post today was a tutorial on how to make this: sea charms ankle bracelet

but it turns out I didn’t have the right size wire to make another one, and since a trip to the store was not happening so that will have to wait.

So instead I kept myself busy by jumping into the Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge being hosted by Heather Powers on her Humblebeads blog. This week’s challenge was to take apart an older design and redo it. So I went looking for some older pieces that I wasn’t quite satisfied with and found these: black agate necklace before green butterfly pendant necklace before pink flower blue beads before

The first and third ones I don’t think are too bad actually, but they’re just so-so to me. The second one with the really pretty butterfly pendant – well, I don’t know what I was thinking there really. I never even bothered to finish the clasp on it. What can I say – sometimes what’s in your head just doesn’t work out in real life.

I don’t know if it was being discouraged by being thwarted from my plans to write the tutorial on the bracelet or the slight migraine I was fighting but I was feeling really simple designs last night. So basically I just toned down these 3 pieces and now they look like this: black agate rnecklace redo green butterfly pendant necklace redo pink floer pendant blue beads redo

Nothing exciting really, but much more wearable I think. Head on over to Heather’s blog Humblebeads to see which one I posted for this week’s challenge.


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