Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge Week 7: One Color


So for this week of Heather Powers’ Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge the challenge was to  “make a piece of jewelry with just one color, varying to value (light & darkness), shape and texture for interest.” So I hauled out all my bead boxes and waited for inspiration to hit. And waited…and waited. Sometimes inspiration likes to take a nap…and then sneak up on me later. Later found me cruising the internet aimlessly and led me to some beautiful pictures of some barefoot sandals, which I have never made before. That picture up there – that’s the first pair I’ve ever made. The first of many I’d say because I so enjoyed making them!

I’ve literally had those beads in my boxes for years! Some of them came in the very first box of beads I ever bought way back about 7 years ago. I just never found the right thing to do with them until now. Unfortunately that’s all of those I have so this pair I’m keeping for myself, but I spent the rest of the weekend making others, which I will post later along with a tutorial on how to make them.




One thought on “Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge Week 7: One Color

  1. So pretty!! Thanks so much for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party last weekend and for the like on FB. I’m off to like you back and I hope to see you at my party again this weekend 🙂

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